The Body Shop: Express Yourself!

Live Brief | Art Direction & Brand Campaign

— is campaign by The Body Shop that aims to change the way people think: that there are no limitations on elder’s people style and how they SHOULD have fun no matter how old they are.


Digital Designer
Brand Strategist


Valerie E. Lianggara (myself)
Fiorenza Deandra
Kelly To Kayuet


Art Direction
Brand Strategy 
Visual Design
Brand Experience
Screenprinting (Merchandise Design)


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator


March 2020

The Challenge 

Mother London and The Body Shop introduced a brief to us where we had to create a radical, provocative activism campaign for The Body Shop that feels culturally relevant, authentic and distinctive; using one of the three causes: Feminism, LGBTQ+ and Ageism.

The Solution

We chose to focus on “ageism” and our objective was to change the way people think, that there are no limitations on elder people’s style. We wanted to encourage that older people can have fun, and they SHOULD have fun. Hence, our campaign was to make elder people feel appreciated in the beauty industry and encourage them to express themselves through The Body Shop makeup.

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