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Valerie is an American born Chinese Indonesian, currently going back and forth London (where she works), Jakarta (where she grew up) and Singapore (where her family is at).

She is interested in human-centered approaches, driven by a passion for social impact and good design. She is continuously learning and searching for opportunities to inject design as a means of problem solving in the realm of technology. Her goal as a designer is to help create experiences that bring ease and joy into others’ lives, as she considers herself as a problem solver with creative visual solutions.

Valerie is currently a Junior Product Designer at W12 Studios in their London office. She recently graduated from University of the Arts London: Central Saint Martins, with a First-Class Honours degree in BA Graphic Communication Design. Her past work experiences include being a UI/UX Designer at Native Design, an integrated design intern for Grey Group and a design and marketing brand intern for AXA Financial Services. As for her involvements in communities, she was previously part of Spark Impact, Ubah Stigma, UAL’s Indonesian Society, INDONIGHT London, and PPI London.

If you want to learn more about her work or have any questions, please reach out! She’d love to have a coffee (or boba) chat, so feel free to connect and chat with her on LinkedIn, slide in her DMs on Instagram, or pop in her inbox at valerieliangga (at) hotmail (dot) com. Her resume is also available upon request. 🥰

She feels weird writing this in third person. 🙃

her design values:

start by learning

She feels excited when starting a new project/problem with opportunities to learn and room to grow. She is constantly asking why, and looking for ways to learn new skills and aspects from various resources that she can apply to her field. She wants to actively educate herself about issues, conceptions and different point of views.

importance of play

From pain points and solutions, her goal is to always offer the best experiences for users. Play allows us to tap into other parts of our brains, providing new perspectives through interaction and exploring the possible. To unlock creativity and encourage divergent thinking, she is passionate about how humans interact with experiences and engage their senses.

empathize & be compassionate

She always tries to take into consideration different cultures and backgrounds, and understand and listen to the opinions of the under represented. Driven by a passion for social impact and community, she aims to stay respectful in the work she produces, and to be mindful and ethical in how she thinks and responds.

what she’s been up to:

⚙️ learning how to design in 3D, via Blender & three.js

🥐️ exploring coffee shops around london (check out her TikTok here!)

📕 winding down with the toy makers by robert dinsdale

🎧 listening to her ever-evolving currents playlist

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