Soul Essentials

Collaboration between Ubah Stigma & Organic Supply Co.


April 2020


Identity, Packaging,
Illustration, Social Media


Illustrator, Photoshop

The Challenge: Create visual identity, packaging design and social media templates for Soul Essentials, a campaign by Ubah Stigma in collaboration with Organic Supply Co., with aims to demonstrate how to manage, reduce, and handle stress through self-care and essential oils; subtly touching upon the context of physical distancing during the pandemic. 

The Outcome: A ‘Stress-Free Kit’ with reflection cards, stickers and essential oils inside is introduced in the campaign. The overall design used weather & nature icons - clouds/rain, moon and sun - ispired by the names of the products featured: Recharge, Dream and Embrace. When we meditate, the weather/atmosphere we’re in tend to play a role in how we feel. Each type of kindness card comprises of two colours, each colour combination includes the colour from each product. The goal was to keep the visual aspect of the cards to a minimum, in order to keep the minimalism of both brands’ style.