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The Project

I am currently working on an on-going project for a client collaborating with the UI, UX, Strategy and Industrial Design team to build a physical product launch and a companion digital product alongside it. My work involves working on the companion digital product and the digital buying experience. 


At the end of 2021, I joined Native Design’s London Office as a UI/UX Designer and was immediately assigned to this project. I was placed on the digital team, consisting of UI designers, UX designers, and developers. Coming in to the team when the project was already in progress, I was put in charge of building on and establishing the design system, done on Figma as component libraries. It was essential for it to be responsive on web, tablet and mobile, and dark and light mode. I also had to test its accessibility to make sure it is usable for anyone and everyone. In addition to this, I also worked on the companion digital product that will work alongside the physical product (this is built by the Industrial Design team). The product I worked on will enable users to connect their mobile devices to their personal computer and use it to improve their digital experience.

While this project is under NDA and I cannot elaborate on the product itself, I can share a few of the responsibilities that I had and my experiences so far.

Learning & Responsibilities

Finding the best solution for my project involved learning a lot of new concepts and skills, getting guidance where needed, taking on tasks and going out of my comfort zone. The first phase of what I was assigned to do in the project focused on understanding what it really is about and the main problem/concept I was tackling and working on. The way Native operates is we work in cross-functional teams and we don’t do things by the book - so I was able to quickly adapt to the rapid and fast paced environment due to my interest and experience within different fields such as visual design, motion graphics, UX design and research. For this brief, I am currently in charge of various duties, from creating UI animations to working on the customer journeys. Having this flexible work ethic, I was able to deliver high quality deliverables on time, which ultimately increased my confidence when presenting my work over time. 

A large portion of my time so far has been spent wireframing and iterating the UI with explorations. I had a lot of ideas which I committed to pixels on the screen. I naturally learned how to be a better storyteller when presenting my work to gain constructive feedback, which I participated and asked for quite frequently in order to get as much valuable feedback as I could. I was able adjusted quickly to the working style of the team, immediately understanding what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. 

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